Love Everlasting!

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Last blog I said I would review a couple of the other tales in the Love Everlasting boxed set which includes my own Ella:


Charity and the Seven Sisters by Joi Copeland

A fun and amusing story of a young woman who flees the designs of a cruel stepmother and finds herself in cowboy country. Charity is a great cook and ends up helping the six sisters who remain at home to run a dining establishment. The sisters are engaging characters with traits like the seven dwarves and brought a chuckle to my lips in several paragraphs. And we can’t forget the brave hero who falls in love with Charity even though he’s suffering with a great loss. Rhett rides in at the final moment to rescue Charity  from none other than …


Magic of the Swan by Amber Stockton

A beautiful cover similar to Ella and based on the lesser known fairytale of the Swan Princess. Elenora defies her parents and attends a magic show where she encounters the evil Cravatta, a magician with a grudge against her rich father. She’s kidnapped and must participate in the magician’s nightly shows dressed in a beautiful swan costume. The race is on for Elenora’s childhood friend Trevor to discover her whereabouts and free her from the evil magician’s clutches. Trevor discovers his friendship with Elenora has matured into love as he seeks to find her and desires to see their two empires be united by marriage.


Looking forward to reading the other stories!


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