Beware - Date Night

Thump, thump, thump, the Rap music reverberated through the walls and vibrated the linoleum as the Square Dancers took to the floor. Yes, Square Dancers. It was date night at the Flickingers and we’d gone with friends to downtown Red Deer to a fall dance. I realize we’re not near old enough to Square Dance, but we still have a lot of fun.   

Saturday was Red Deer’s yearly Nuit Blanche (sleepless night) culture and arts festival and the rap venue was set up next to the dance hall. As we do si doed and swung our partners loud Eminem lyrics competed with our music. I liked the layered effect. I think I’ll suggest we incorporate more of it into future dances.

Around eleven p.m. we stepped out into the crowds on the street and decided to take in the festival. We hadn’t brought a change of clothes so I insisted on wearing my Square Dance name tag. That way people wouldn’t think I was some kind of freak. Holding my hubbies arm, we sauntered through the artwork and venues lit up by strange, curved paper lanterns.

I clutched Matt’s arm tightly as we approached a young man with curly black hair and a wide handle bar mustache. Above his mustache, a long curved bar drooped from his nasal septum and a cloud of indeterminate smoke billowed around his head. With no warning, he twirled his hands and gave a slight bow while saying, “Good evening, lovely ladies.” Near miss averted.  

Around another dark corner, we met a wide shouldered tough guy with a wisp of a girl in a dark hoodie pulled into an embrace. “I like your dress,” he whispered under his breath. Another hazardous situation avoided.

I was happy enough to return to our sleepy, little town. Perhaps our next date night will not be fraught with as much danger!


Have a wonderful week!


Fool’s Notion:  Week 6                        Goal   96                      Actual   76