Christian Online Dating

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:14 NIV


I have a friend, we’ll call her Lavinia, a bubbly, witty, blond in her early thirties traversing the world of online dating. And not just online dating but online dating as Christian who genuinely loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Her stories fascinate me, perhaps because I’m a hopeful romantic or perhaps because her story differs so much from my own … meet older boy in high school, go on first date (ever) with older boy, marry older boy two and a half years later. Did I mention he was older?

Back to Lavinia, I sat down with my friend in an interview to learn about her experience with Christian dating online and to share it with you. Her answers prove not only entertaining but useful for those looking for love online while walking the “narrow road that leads to life.”

Lavinia what prompted you to choose online dating as an option?

There are very few options in small town Alberta. When you’ve lived somewhere for a long time it’s hard to find someone you haven’t known forever or you don’t think of as your “little bro.” My female friends and I also find it difficult to meet Christian males who are dedicated to the Lord and not just “surface only.” I can count on one hand the romantic possibilities.     

What is your ultimate goal in dating online?

I’m looking to find my soulmate and get married. (Ahhhh) I have no timeline, but I’m OK with sooner rather than later. In my family, I’m an old maid. They all dated less than six months before getting married so that wouldn’t scare me either.

When did you first start looking for love online and where did you start?

Four years ago, I started dabbling in free online Christian dating sites like Christian Café, Christian mingle, and Christian dating for free. They typically have a free trial period from two weeks to a month and then you have to start paying $30 - $60 per month for the service.


More questions next week!


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