Christian Online Dating – 3

Lavinia joins us again to answer more questions about online dating from a Christian’s perspective:

Do you think it’s more difficult to meet someone online as a Christian, and if so why?

Yes, Christians are more aware of what they want and words aren’t as important as actions. Christians also aren’t willing to compromise or do one night stands. On the other hand Christian men, appear to be shallower in their body type wants. They all want athletic to slender. The non-Christian world is more open to body type variety.

How have you overcome the hurdle of dating as a Christian online?

I’ve joined non-Christian sites and become pickier. I’ve also added my spiritual requirements into my profile.

How do you handle rejection?

At first I wondered what was wrong with me and then I realized I don’t really even know the other person so they’re rejecting the idea of me and not the real me.

How do you handle letting the other person know you are not interested?

Most guys try and spiritualize it. I choose not to. I just point out nicely we are too different. The worst reaction I’ve received from someone I wasn’t compatible with was a tirade about how ‘I was self-sabotaging when it could have been a great relationship,’ and he asked for a topless picture.

What is the biggest drawback to online dating?

You don’t know if they are who they say they are.

Thanks so much Lavinia for sharing a glimpse into your personal life! We will check back in the near future to hear if you’ve met Mr. Perfect.

According to my research, one of the most common pitfalls to online dating is staying online too long. Many sites recommend a few emails and then progress to phone calls and then safe meetings to avoid misunderstandings, dishonesty, unhealthy boundaries, and generally wasting your time on a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere.

Have a fantastic week!

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