Me, Matt ... and Barry.

      With the Christmas rush over, I snuggled into a comfy chair and pulled a fluffy blanket around my shoulders. My new Scentsy warmer cast a soft glow as I sipped a glass of wine and listened to the crooning of Barry Manilow. The original 1978 Greatest Hits Album (with nary a scratch) was a gift from my brother. We don’t own a record player anymore but the world’s greatest neighbor does.  A short trip across the street and her antique inspired player – named Nostalgia – was sitting atop my antique oak washstand.

      “Matt, come and sit with me.”  A moment so perfect shouldn’t be wasted.

     A reply from the office barely carried over the music “Give me a couple of minutes.”

     “Looks Like We Made it … “ Barry sang out. Ya, it looks like we did. We’ll be married thirty years in March, and with the Lord’s help, maybe thirty more.

     My head swayed from side to side through “Can’t Smile Without You” and “It’s A Miracle”.

     Matt joined me in the living room. Was it my imagination or were his eyes particularly sparkly tonight?

    “Could It Be Magic?” Barry asked.

    It certainly could be.

     “I just googled Barry Manilow. Did you know he married his high school sweetheart?”  Matt asked.

    I took another sip. How sweet, we have something in common. OK, so maybe I was the only one in high school, close enough. Where was I? Matt’s eyes – right - very blue tonight and that smile “Mmm mmm.”

    “….Baby, I love you …”

    Well said Barry.

    Matt reached over and clasped my hand. Warm fuzzies spread along my limbs.

    “…. I feel glad when you’re glad …” Barry sang in the background.

    “And two years ago … he married a man.” Matt said.

    “Pardon?” I pulled my hand from his grasp and apple juice sloshed over the edge of my glass. It wasn’t wine; I don’t even like wine. I can’t get past the awful taste.

    The moment disappeared as the busyness of the week caught up with me. I covered my mouth and yawned. “Good night, Matt.”



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