Crucifixion for Two, Anyone?

Tradition tells us Peter the Apostle died by crucifixion under the Emperor Nero in the first century A.D. When reading a bible commentary on 1 Peter, I learned Peter’s wife also gave up her life in martyrdom. As she walked toward her executioners, the words that fell to her ear from her dear husband’s lips were “Remember the Lord.”

Peter recognized his inability to rescue his wife and to change their circumstances. He didn’t fill their last moment with an empty promise, nor did he thrust out false hope as a panacea for her fear. He ushered his wife into the presence of the only one who could provide her comfort and peace in a terrifying time.

“Remember the Lord.” Remember the One who loves you more than you will ever comprehend. “Remember the Lord.” Remember the only One who can keep His promise to “never leave you, nor forsake you.”

It takes a hero to know when he has reached the end of his own ability and to lead the heart of the one he loves into the presence of the Lord. Romantic, don’t you think?


Lord, may You hear the prayers of the everyday heroes for their loved ones. Amen.