Clash of the Titles

Greetings blog family,

I am so happy to announce All That Glitters has been chosen to compete in February’s Clash of the Titles. It’s a reader-based contest for Christian fiction highlighting the cover photo and only a one or two sentence summary of the novel. All That Glitters will battle against five other titles released in the month of February for one week starting today. The following is from their website:


Clash of the Titles' ultimate goal is to glorify God in everything we do, including highlighting quality Christian writers. Our next goal is to unite readers with their favorite authors while challenging them to step outside of their preferred genre to try something new.  On a lighter note, COTT is dedicated to the love of good, 'ole friendly competition! 
In our monthly games, several authors face off with their newest novels to see which is voted most worthy by reader standards. 
At Clash of the Titles, YOUR opinion counts! Whether it be during one of our monthly New Release clashes or during one of our annual awards--The Laurel or The Olympia.
Everyone is invited to vote during our new releases clashes, but if you're an avid reader of Christian fiction who isn't also a writer/agent/publicist/editor, a special invitation is extended to you to be part of a select panel of judges for our annual awards!

I applied a couple of weeks ago never expecting to be chosen, but the Lord was gracious and heard my plea. Yay! Now I need your help. Please go to their website, using the link below, and cast your vote … 

Clash of The Titles


and tell your friends!