Rare Condition

Do you ever wonder what kind of people open those disgusting videos on Facebook? Not the pornographic ones, I’m talking about the videos of a man lancing a large abscess on his cheek and the white ooze and puss squirting out into the sink, or perhaps the person pulling out the six inch long ingrown hair. Well, people like me. Enough of the frolicking lambs and cute puppies who look like they're talking. The gross gets my attention.

The battle may be won at the headlines, so here goes. 



          A)  Woman with rare condition fears for the fate of her … Read more!

          B)  Find out what this obnoxious symptom might indicate about your health.

          C)  Everything’s doubled! To see more pics -  Click Here.



Should I take up tabloid writing? Let me go one step further and actually provide the information I promised instead of making you filter through buckets of advertising with no conclusions.

        A)   Ankles

           B)    You are pregnant with twins!

           C)  Aren’t they just the cutest things you ever saw?

Blogg 33- twin A.jpg



The little darlings will arrive in June. Proud parents are our daughter Jamie and her husband Sam. The arrival of the twins brings our grandchildren count up to nine and we can’t wait.

I never would have imagined. Girl meets boy at Christian camp. Boy proposes to girl in a flower filled park with a ring stashed in a pine-cone. Girl says yes! Boy and girl marry in a beautiful outdoor wedding at her parent’s home. And seven years later we have - no, not swollen ankles – a beautiful family (of seven)!