God's Sense of Humour - Part Two

I wish the best Christmas to all of you. Enjoy the season with loved ones and friends!

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. . .

     "I've always wanted one of these,” she said.

     "Me too, I just bought a used one from the cupcake shop. Maybe another one will come up and I can let you know.” I tried to keep the smugness out of my voice.

     "You would do that?"

     Not a big deal. I could let her know when the shop sold off another one.

     “You would give me your mixer?”

     I narrowed my eyes. Was she serious? “I said. I just bought a used one the other day from the cupcake place. I’ll let you know if another one comes up for sale.” I looked over at Grace and she shrugged her shoulders.

     “I can’t believe you want to give me your mixer. That’s so perfect! Ever since the arthritis in my hands has gotten worse I haven’t been able to make bread. I heard these work great.”

     Huh? I glanced over my shoulder and then back to Robin. Why is she hearing something different from what I’m saying? Ha ha, Lord, I don’t find this funny.  Yes, I know they serve You six months out of the year on the mission field.  And yes, I know it’s a sacrifice and they don’t have a lot of money. Sure, I understand You’ve blessed Matt with a good paying job. But no, I still don’t want to give away my mixer.

     Robin reached out and patted the glossy metal. “Thanks, Lisa.”

     All right, I get it. “Merry Christmas Robin- I’ll drop it by on Friday.

     A week later, over supper, Matt asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

    “For Christmas,” I pulled in a deep breath, “all I want is a white Kitchen Aid mixer.”

     “Didn’t you just give one of those away?”

     “I don’t want to talk about it.”



My seldom used, but often polished, mixer.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!