Are We Toast? Nope.

Camping – Lisa’s Definition  – Leaving the trappings of home to enjoy the simple life and the                                              beautiful outdoors.

Camping – Matt’s Definition – Figuring out how to make the contraptions of home work in the                                           wilderness.    

Why does my frame shudder every time my husband lifts his large palm toward me and says ‘Don’t worry, Baby, I got this.” It might be the memory of black smoke curling across the living room’s white ceiling after it billowed from the fireplace. Or perhaps the fused plastic concoction I removed from the microwave when I returned home from grocery shopping. Or maybe the reason is one of the many other similar disasters.  

After twenty-nine years, I realized it was nigh time to try and deal with my lack of trust. So I held my tongue when Matt suggested he had the perfect solution for warming the cinnamon buns while we were camping.  And why wouldn’t a small tray placed on your toaster and attached to a plug in powered by your nifty, commercial, solar panel not work?

Like any relationship, we both bring something to the table to share. In our marriage, it’s often him - innovation, her - caution. A healthy relationship explores the capability of both parties and allows for the possibility of mistakes. We’re two parts to a whole. We are not perfect parts and we are not a perfect whole - but we are committed. “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Mathew 19:6 ESV)  



The cinnamon buns tasted delicious. Melted glaze dripped like honey onto our tongues. And you know the new burnished browns and scalloped edges of my toaster bring a smile to my lips every time I see them.