Where’s the Knight in Tarnished Armour?

“They say unto him, Master this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.”  (John 8:4 KJV) 

Spiritual leaders brought a woman to Jesus who was caught in the “very act” of adultery and asked Him if she deserved to be stoned. Where’s the man? The woman didn’t commit adultery by herself; and yet, her accusers tossed her in front of Jesus alone and humiliated. History says the event happened during a feast and immorality was not unusual. The woman still risked her marriage and reputation on a man who slunk away way when their sin was discovered. Why wasn’t he by her side as she faced her accusers? Why didn’t he shout out, “Don’t take her. Take me if you want to punish someone.”

No knight in tarnished armour rode in to save our damsel. He left her to face the band of merry accusers alone. But Jesus ignored them and their question bending over to write in the sand with his finger - twice. We don’t know what He wrote, but it could have been the sins of the men in the crowd. We do know; however, one by one, the men convicted by their own conscience departed until Jesus and the woman stood alone.

Jesus then asked the woman if anyone remained to condemn her and she answered, “No man, Lord.” Jesus didn’t condemn the woman either. He said, “go, and sin no more.” Step into forgiveness. Walk away from your sin. Keep walking.

Jesus offered the woman a hope and a future, a future without condemnation or guilt, a future full of life and free from the entanglement of sin. The tarnished knight didn’t ride in, but Jesus did.

Do you think the woman listened to Jesus?