Even the Little Things?


         As we settled into our chairs at ladies Bible study, the woman sitting next to me gushed,“I just have to tell you guys something. You know at night - when your husband reaches over in bed …”                                                                                                                              She reached her arm out; it hovered uncomfortably over my chest. I wasn’t sure what was coming next. I know her, but not that well, and I didn’t really want to complete the illustration.               “And you’re just … like …”                                                                                         “Talk to me next spring?” I filled in the blanks hoping she would drop her hand, and she did.                                                                                                                             “Ya, because you’re just so tired, running around with the kids, trying to get everything done.”                                                                                                                          That I understood, I may not be running around with kids anymore but I am trying to get everything done and some days even my tired is tired.                                                                She continued. “So I prayed that the Lord would make me attracted to my husband.”                    Interesting. Over the last week, I had been praying a similar prayer. Lord, help me not to be too tired to be attracted to my husband. But there was no way I was going to admit it. She’d roused my curiosity though; how had the Lord answered her prayer?                                                         “So later on, when I was watching my son playing hockey, my husband walked in. Even though he was wearing dirty coveralls and a grubby, baseball cap, I thought, wow, he is a good looking man. The Lord is so faithful even in the little things!”                                                          I was happy for her; the Lord had answered her prayer right away. And it encouraged me to persist in my prayers. But the Lord does all things in his own time, so I will continue to wait on him:)

         “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12 ESV)