The Tale of the Super Joint

“But I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil.” (Romans 16:19b ESV)

The rows of colourful shelving units sitting outside the beleaguered warehouse called to me as we sped past. Matthew turned the truck around and pulled up in front of the shop so we could take a look. When we are on holiday, it’s my prerogative to stop at every quaint shop along the way advertising hubcaps to dog coats.

With patient friends in tow, we browsed their selection and my heart settled on a barn red design which would complete our downstairs bathroom. I bartered with the proprietor and we settled on a price; however, when he mentioned needing to go upstairs, where it was less dusty, to use the debit machine my stomach did a flip flop. I crushed Matt’s toes as I walked by and he caught the subtle hint and followed me as I followed Johnny Depp gone to seed through the half door of the workshop. Two Saint Bernards and an enormous pit bull nuzzled at my waistline as we crossed the floor of the long workshop heaped with sawdust. We ascended the stairs under the cardboard “Caution Dogs Eating” sign and meandered through a makeshift kitchen and warehouse/living room. In a dusty corner, perched atop an even dustier desk sat the elusive debit machine.

It was about this time Johnny began regaling us with the benefits of smoking pot to combat the summer’s heat on the upper floor. I wondered why he didn’t just go outside and sit by the lake; it would be cooler and had the added benefit of a stunning view. He continued sharing the benefits of his habit and we nodded our heads politely as we traipsed our way back through the labyrinth. Upon arriving at the front door, he raised his arms with a final flourish and pointed to a ghastly seven foot gargoyle.

“The stuff is so good, you light up one joint and by the time you’re done you’ve created a masterpiece.”

Eeks, I don’t think I need any! Perhaps I should have listened to that still, small flip flop.