On Shifting Sands

Award-winning author of over twelve novels, Allison Pittman, edited my original manuscript for All That Glitters. I was encouraged by her writer’s intuition and positive critiquing throughout the process. She’s developed an amazing ability to draw you into times gone by. Both of her series about sister wives and the roaring twenties are fascinating reads.

The novel On Shifting Sands changes up the typical point of view found in a historical romance. Written in first person, we meet Nola Merrill, a pastor’s wife languishing in the Oklahoma dust bowl of the 1930’s. We can taste the sand between our teeth and feel the grit on our pillow which Nola faces every day trying to raise her son and daughter. The small town, where her husband pastors, offers little comfort as everyone is either destitute or they’ve skipped town.  

Jim, a long lost friend of her husband’s and current drifter, enters the picture and Nora’s thoughts stray, particularly when her husband begins work in an adjoining town. Adding to the problem, Nora’s father’s destructive words constantly play in her mind. I found myself begging her not let him define her.

On Shifting Sands is a good read but not an easy read. The writing portrays the world so well you find yourself frustrated, scared, and at times ashamed. Like any of us, Nora must return to the Lord and seek Him for her joy and solace in a difficult world. Does Nora overcome the pain of her upbringing and cling to the One who has promised to never leave her or forsake her? I won’t tell.


For interesting tidbits check out Allison’s website at https://allisonkpittman.com/