Christian Online Dating – 2

Hi guys, we’re back with Lavinia this week and my interview about the highs and lows of Christian Online Dating. Lavinia dabbled in the sport/pastime/activity? for four years before going on her first date about six months ago. Before we hear more of her thoughts, here are some random statistics about online dating in general:    

          A quarter of all Canadians (18-34) have tried online dating

       52.4% of the users are men 47.6% are women

       Women receive 17 times as many messages as men

       Men use 21.9 % more words to answer a question on their dating profile

       Generally the most attractive men send the most messages

       Two spelling mistakes in a man’s profile will lower his response rate by 14%

       Spelling errors in a woman’s profile do not affect her response rate

 Christian Mingle has the highest percentage of women at 58.6%


Lavinia, compare Christian Dating sites and General Population Dating sites.

The men on Christian dating sites do not take initiative. 90% of the time you have to initiate conversations. If they did initiate conversations, the men were from the Middle East or Africa.I strongly questioned these men’s sincerity; however, I did receive an offer to become an African “trophy wife” in those words.

How many different venues have you tried? Which one is your favourite? How is it different?

I have tried five different sites for guys who fit my profile. I like “Plenty of Fish” for making contact; however it’s a general site and the men are just looking for dates and not long term relationships.

So who is your perfect man?

          Strong believer in Jesus and involved in his church

        Makes me laugh

          Kind, compassionate, honest


           Laid back

           Employed – no particular career – no farmers

        Tall, dark, light eyes, nice smile (I guess we all can’t love blondes)

        Mid thirties

           I’m open to previously married and with children

Sounds totally doable to me! Tune in next week for a continuation of Lavinia’s interview. Being introduced through friends or friend of a friend is still the leading way people meet their love interests, let me know if you have any possibilities.


Have a great week!



Fool’s Notion:  Week 14               Goal 224                     Actual 185