Communication Review

What does an innocuous bar of Irish Spring have to do with communication? Wait and see.

Matt and I left for our holiday a couple of weeks ago ready to relax and practice the communication skills from my last blog. OK, I was ready to practice the communication skills and Matt hadn’t told me he wouldn’t, which is the same thing as saying “Sure, I’d love to!” in my world.

Here’s a refresher:

                 1.        Pick a good time to talk. 

                              2.        Do not attack or blame yet feel free to share complaints or issues.

3.        Speak for yourself and not the other person

4.        Give the other person a chance to respond.

5.        Listen to each other with your eyes, ears, mind, and heart.


Four nights later we had ample opportunity …
3:00 am - Lisa sits up in bed.
“Matt! Something bit me.”                                         (Serious breach of rule #1)
“Nothing bit you; go back to sleep.”                             (Infraction of #5)        
“Something bit me on the finger, it hurts.”                      (Looking good on #2)
“Nothing bit you. You just caught your finger in my glasses. Go back to sleep.”                                                                                   (Infraction of #5)
Lisa grabs Matt’s glasses off the shelf and attempts to pinch her finger in the hinge but cannot accomplish task.
“Look, it doesn’t work. Something bit me.”                      (Still fine on #2)
“Go back to sleep!”                                                 (Infraction on #3)
Lisa tries to go back to sleep and hears scratching on the side of the bed. She climbs over Matt and runs screaming to the couch.                                                                                                                             (Good job on #3)
Lisa lies down on couch and something runs down her arm and off the side of the couch. More screaming ensues and she runs back to the bed.                                                                                                       (Even better on #3)    
Matt discovers mouse under a chair and Lisa discovers second mouse by the bed. More screaming by Lisa.                                                                                                                                                   (A Definite pass on #3!)
Matt and Lisa both sleep (sort of) in the cab of truck for the rest of the night and the mice are never seen or heard from again.
While Matt and Lisa continue to improve their communication skills certain aspects still need more work.
The whole incident could have been a shared nightmare if it wasn’t for the bar of Irish Spring. A week later I noticed the chew marks. Unfortunately, the soap dish is right above our toothbrush holder which means the little fellow’s butts received a good scrubbing from our toothbrushes while they snacked. It still makes me cringe.

Have a super duper week!


Fool’s Notion:          Week 4           Goal   64          Actual   52