-used typically to express frustration, disappointment, anguish, or pain

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


I’m not sure who felt worse during my consultation with the surgeon - him or me. The report looked good “no indications of ductal or invasive cancer present in tissue samples” until you arrived at the last line “no apparent sign of a previous biopsy within the samples.” What? How could this even be possible?

I’d gone through the painful process of having a wire inserted into my breast and down to a clip left behind during the needle biopsy, a clip which was to indicate where the tissue should be removed from. The surgeon was to follow the wire down to the clip. It shouldn’t have been a problem considering he took two “aggressive” samples of tissue based on imaging which indicated the clip had migrated.

But although he followed the wire, the two “aggressive” samples were not from the right part of my breast. I’m not comforted by the idea it happens in less than five percent of surgeries. And, yes, I can see room for error when you wait seven hours for surgery with the said “wire” sticking out of your chest. But where do I go from here? Wait another month, more testing, another decision.


“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7 NIV


Cast – to throw upon   The word was used by the Greeks to refer to a heavy pack                                                being thrown or rolled onto the back of a camel.

Do you, like me, have worries, concerns, heartaches? In prayer, let’s throw them onto the Lord. And when they creep back and weigh us down once again, let’s chuck them back onto the Lord because “He cares for you (and me).”

Have a great week!