The Trials … of Being Famous

“Let’s go to Disneyland!” our six year old grandson shouted as we climbed into the minibus parked in front of our house. Matt had driven a group of square dancers to an event earlier on Saturday and the bus didn’t need to be returned until Monday. So why not take a late night tour of our small town with our oldest son and his family? First stop, ice-cream.

As tour guide, I shared a running dialogue of famous events and people. The highlights – "At the giant guitar on your right, well known blues player Rooster Davis (my brother) and Ann Vriend played to an enthusiastic crowd six weeks ago. At the brown house on your left, lives a famous author, who just released her first novel. The novel has sold … " Ok, I’ll admit it, I exaggerated. Honestly, it’s hard for a story teller to shut off the impulse to add exciting verbs and descriptive adjectives to their speech.

My granddaughter must have taken a fair bit to heart even though it appeared like she wasn’t listening. She took one of my books to show and tell and regaled her class with tales about her famous grandma. The little sweetheart did a great job and one of her classmates wants to buy one. However, it is NOT appropriate for grade four or anyone still in school, for that matter. The book contains references to human trafficking and life as a prostitute although tastefully done. But maybe her famous grandma and tour guide has learned a lesson.


 “Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” (Proverbs 21:22 ESV)

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